Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium
It’s hard to beat us…

We provide so many advantages that we have customers
who sold their gold elsewhere and bought and store with us.

It’s hard to beat us…

There are many serious reasons why to prefer us for buying and storing physical gold, silver and other precious metals

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Storage Facilities

There are many reasons to purchase your physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium from us in Liechtenstein and to store it with us in Liechtenstein.

As per the end of 2017, physical precious metals worth more than CHF 1,4 billion are safely stored in our high-tech and high-security storage facilities in Liechtenstein.

Here is a brief overview why so many investors chose us to store their precious metals, from just a few coins and bars up to 12 tons.

  • High-security Grade 10 storage facilities for precious metals
    The number of the international storage security grades scale actually means the number of hours that professional burglars need to get next to the precious metals stored. Having Grade 10 at our precious metals storage facilities in Liechtenstein, insurance companies do not require us to engage armed guards for the protection of gold or silver and other valuable commodities – so safe its!
    Only the vaults of the Bank of England have a higher security grade, being grade 12.
  • Precious metals storage in Liechtenstein, the heart of Europe
    Liechtenstein is one of the safest countries in the world. It is also one of the only four countries that are not indebted. Liechtenstein has no emergency act. Emergency acts enable governments to confiscate private property in case of emergencies (wars, cataclysms etc.).
  • In-house purchase and sales of precious metals
    Customary quantities of gold, silver, platinum or palladium are sold from our stocks in the storage facilities in Liechtenstein. That safes costs of external transports and enables us to confirm the storage of your precious metals the same day as we receive your funds on the bank accounts in Liechtenstein.
  • Excellent price-performance ratio for both trading and storage
    Our premiums are moderate, and our sales prices of gold, silver, platinum or palladium are generally slightly below the sale prices of banks. Our precious metal storage fees are market average or below. When comparing storage fees for gold and silver etc., please compare with storage facilities that offer premium storage as we do.
  • In-house bonded warehouse
    While gold with a purity of 999,99 is VAT-exempted in the EU, gold of lower purity and white metals (silver, platinum or palladium) are subject to VAT. We have our own bonded warehouse vault rooms within our building. Additional vaults can be declared and assigned as bonded warehouse if necessary.
  • Not part of the EU, but part of the EEA
    Liechtenstein is not part of the EU, but part of the EEA (European Economic Area). EEA Members participate in the EU’s internal market without being members of the EU or the European Union Customs Union. They adopt most EU legislation concerning the single market, while not adopting other EU directives. This provides a number of legal advantages.
  • Worldwide delivery
    We are able to provide physical delivery of precious metals worldwide, as long as the country or region of delivery has an infrastructure for high-security transports.
    We are also able to transport and to deliver gold, silver, platinum or palladium in our own name in the country of destination. In such cases, the sender in Liechtenstein and the receiver in the other country is the same company, and the delivery (handing over) of the gold and silver etc. takes place in the country of delivery.

  •  Storage outside the banking system
    The storage facilities for precious metals in Liechtenstein are not part of the banking system and are not a financial institution. Consequently, rules and regulations for banks and financial institutions do not apply (particularly CRS (Common Reporting Standard), AEOI (Automatic Exchange of Information), and compliance rules for financial institutions.
  •  Segregated and allocated storage in the name of the client
    When buying gold or silver etc. of larger quantities from banks, gold and silver etc. purchased is generally stored in unsegregated and unallocated form and remains in the assets of the bank.
    For the benefit of our clients, we are providing only segregated and allocated storage of precious metals. That means that your gold or silver etc. are physically separated from other precious metals in storage and are separated packed in containers or boxes. The precious metals are then allocated to our client, meaning they are stored in our client’s name. The bar numbers of the gold or silver bars etc. as well as the seal numbers of the containers or boxes are listed in our client’s storage confirmation and in our client inventory lists. Allocated storage of precious metals clearly identifies the gold or silver etc. as our clients’ assets. The precious metals that we sell to our clients and store for our clients do not remain in our assets.
  • No counterparty risk – no insolvency risk
    As precious metals or other valuables (diamonds, art) stored with us do not form a part of our assets, our clients’ gold and silver etc. is not exposed to counterparty claims against us, and not exposed to our own insolvency.
  • Individual storage facilities
    In our precious metal storage facilities in Liechtenstein we also provide individual rental vault rooms (strong-room), safes (small vaults) and safety deposit boxes for the storage of gold, silver or other precious metals, or for diamonds, documents or other valuables.
  • Full-cover insurance, including embezzlement, with individual confirmation by the insurer
    Client gold, silver etc. is always fully insured. The insurance coverage includes embezzlement (infidelity of employees). Each client is provided with an “Evidence Of Insurance Certificate”, issued by the insurer MARSH.
    Insurance in the name of the client is possible as well. In this case, the insurance premium will increase substantially, because of the smaller value of client assets, compared with all assets in the storage facilities.
  • 24/7 access to your assets stored
    Unless in banks, clients have always access to their precious metals or other valuables stored with us. You may check your gold or silver. stored at our facilities at any time.
  • 100 % discretion
    All our procedures are designed to meet your expectation for privacy.

Please find below our brochures about Precious Metals Trade and Storage in English, German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese languages.

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