Physical Gold Storage
Safely protecting your wealth!

Physical gold storage – safe, sophisticated and sustainable

Physical Gold Storage

Physical gold storage – secure, in your name, outside the banking system

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Many High and Ultra-High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI and UHNWI) as well as private companies and funds prefer to invest in physical gold and to store it outside of the banking system.

While physical gold bars of 13,1 kg might be the choice of very large investors, most of the physical gold storage is in form of gold bars of one kg. Some investors prefer gold bars of 100 gr, providing more flexibility when selling smaller quantities of their physical gold storage.

Larger investors generally opt for physical gold storage representing 10 – 25% of their entire wealth invested, for reasons of diversification of investments or of hedging USD-based investments.

Gold storage to secure wealth is thousands of years old. During the last years of turbulences on the financial markets, crashing stock rates and defaulting banks, physical gold storage of private persons and companies increased substantially since the beginning of the 2000s. For many, physical gold storage became a shield of wealth protection against unpredictable developments in the world, be it political decisions, defaulting national economies or heavy inflation.

A lack of confidence in banks and the banking system in general is often the reason that investors prefer to safeguard at least a part of their wealth with physical gold storage.

Physical gold storage is the only form of asset protection outside the banking system that is equally liquid as cash money, provided that the investors invest on physical gold of a purity of 999,9, which is considered equal to cash money.

For many investors, banks were the first address when buying and storing gold. With the bank crashes and closures since the early 2000s, trust in banks faded away somehow. This development increased the need for physical gold storage outside of the banking system and the number of physical gold storage facilities owned by companies outside the banking system increased accordingly.

Our physical gold storage facilities in Liechtenstein are designed and built by Swiss experts for high-security storage facilities, particularly for physical gold storage and silver storage. With security Grade X (Grade 10), our storage facilities offer one of the highest security levels available for physical gold storage. The security that we offer at our physical gold storage facilities in Liechtenstein provides highest internal security as well. Our vault rooms are only accessible by three people being present at the same time. Our system is designed in such a way that one or two members of the management can access the vault rooms together with one or two members of the staff, with a minimum of three altogether. This avoids embezzlement (infidelity) by either management or staff.

We provide physical gold storage in the form of segregated and allocated storage. That means that the gold of every single client is segregated (separated) from our own gold stocks and from the gold stocks of other clients. Furthermore, all gold sored on behalf of our clients is allocated to each specific client and stored in the name of the client. Gold is stored in separate boxes, serial bar numbers and the numbers of the two seals of every box are noted and then listed in the stock confirmation and the client inventory reports. Thus, gold stored with us does not form a part of our own assets but remains legal property of our clients.


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