Investment advisers, law offices, service providers in Cyprus:

You are now able to provide your clients storage and trade facilities for physical gold and silver!

Gold and silver, a safe haven during current turmoils

Physical old has been the safe haven to safeguard wealth since centuries. With a purity of 999,9, physical gold is equal to cash money and thus the most liquid form of investment. Gold reserves held by governments and banks with a purity of 999,9 takes place in their cash positions.

Natural and corporate persons investing in physical gold and silver do not necessarily speculate on short term gains but aim to shield their wealth from unpredictable political and economical influences. Although gold and silver gained 9% (gold based on Euro) and 11,1% (silver based on Euro) annually during the last 15 years, their values may also decrease. However, on the long term, gold and silver turned out to be the most resilient investment to hedge certain risks and to safeguard wealth.

Cyprus, Europe and the world are currently exposed to political, financial  and regulative turmoils, defaulting economies, zero or minus interest rates, sanctions and bank account closures.

Investment funds, companies, high and ultra high net-worth individuals (HNWI and UHNWI) are seriously looking for alternatives, for safe havens to protect and to safeguard their assets.

Investing in physical gold or silver is one of the solutions for long-term, resilient asset protection.

Cooperation opportunity for Cyprus investment advisers, law offices and service providers

We are offering investment advisers, law firms and service providers in Cyprus the unique opportunity to offer their clients investment in physical gold or silver, including security storage facilities, outside the banking system.

High-security storage facilities in Liechtenstein, same day delivery, same day buy-back, no CRS, storage and insurance in the name of the customer are just some of our advantages. For a full list of our unbeatable advantages, please click here.

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Important warning: Prices of the past do not necessarily repeat in future. Technical analyses may not be correct or even fail under unexpected influential developments in global and national politics, crises, economic developments, natural occurrences etc.

Do only consider to invest funds that you do not need for your current life style and your liabilities.